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We use professional photographers to give you more ideas and inspiration.
You can find some of our work on other sites as well.

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Enhance your kitchen with under cabinet lighting

Make your granite counter shine 

Proper light distribution can add value to your kitchen.

Custom kitchen designs

We can help you make it unique and

look more luxury.


Modern kitchens

Modern kitchen would be difficult

to call modern without the Pot Lights.

Gallery: Projects


Even a hallway is unique in its own way, proper design is important

Open hallways to second floor

It seems easy to install Pot Lights in a hallway,

however a professional installation is a must.

Main floor hallway

The distance between the Pot Lights and walls is the key here, our experts know how to maintain proper lighting distribution.

Main floor hallway

Not every ceiling is square or rectangular shaped, placing Pot Lights in the middle is not always the answer and many details must be considered.

Gallery: Projects

Family room

Open to above, custom or condo, make them beautiful


Add value, add style

One of the most popular rooms for Pot Light installation after the kitchen is a Family room. Great lighting ideas can be implemented here.

Impress your guests and buyers

Pot Lights not only make your room brighter, but are also a very important part of the Decor. 


Be creative, use unique pot lights 

There are different shapes of pot lights available, square pot lights might add that something special to your design, go through our products in Product Gallery  to find the best one that suites your design.

Gallery: Projects

Living /Dining

We know the importance of proper light distribution 



All pot lights have a different light colour. Living and Dining are the rooms where you might want to have a brighter colour of pot lights.


Some Condo/ Houses require more light distribution on different areas/corners  than others, have dropped ceiling or custom designs. Pot Lights can help enhance and make it more welcoming.


Traditional designs

Create the focus on the areas you want by

using light. Every colour will start look different and the

whole place will have a more upscale look.

Gallery: Projects





Impress your business partners with your services and with the luxurious feeling they will have discussing new business opportunities in a luxury boardroom.

The workplace

It is so nice to love the place you work in.

Elegant business clubhouse interiors.jpg


Reception is the "Face" of every building.

Make sure it is clean and beautiful!

Gallery: Projects

Outside lighting

Dress your house with luxury


Any shape/ Any style

Wouldn't it be nice to see your own house stand out from the rest of the houses on the street

Dress it up with latest pot lights on the market

April - November are the best months to install outside pot lights.

Enjoy your house from first steps

You could notice the house with outside Pot Lights from far

on any street, and yes, it is beautiful! 

Outside Pot lights installation require a proper technique and must be performed to Electrical Safety Code.

Hire ONLY Licensed Electrical Contractor!

To be a Licensed Electricians is not enough to perform electrical work.


Take a picture of your house

You can send us a picture of your house and will

return it to you with proposed Pot Light design

and total Project cost. It will save you

time and will give you an expert advise.

Gallery: Projects
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